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Interview With Hydra Reloaded Executor: Garmon

By Abyssum Invocat

This week, I sit down with Garmon, head of Hydra Reloaded, maker of Garmonation 1-8 videos, and winner of Alliance Tournament 9 to find out more about the man behind the rack of Tech II turrets and what he has to say about PvP.

(Author's note: All spelling and grammatical errors were said in context. It is our policy at the Eve Tribune to leave all things said in context unchanged.)

Abyssum Invocat: Hello Garmon, thank you for joining us. Would you care to tell me a bit about yourself?

Garmon: I'm 21 now, I live in Wales, been playing eve since I was 15 in early 2006. I'm going to try to respond to this in a non long winded fashion.

In 2006, the first year, I got into pvp quite early on, nothing really special happened though as I was still new.

In 2007 , I joined the black rabbits, at the time, a famous pirate corporation, in their alliance, there was a corporation called Genos Occidere, I ended up joining them and taking over and have been the ceo of Genos for the past 5 years. I also started frapsing all of my fights in low sec, and made a few movies that mainly had me in a rupture killing nanohacs, it was a big deal at the time because there wasn't anything like it and every one hated nanohacs

In 2008, We were previously just a pirating corporation, but then we started to roam to 0.0 a lot more, found out it's not all blobs and that it's great fun, got a lot more experienced, and then joined FW when it came out, back then FW was great fun. I also did my fair share of trolling on the forums, but back then, I was just being a complete idiot

In 2009, Joined PL in first couple of months, got bored, flew with genos again, and found providence, between 2009 and mid 2010, providence gave me the most fun I've ever had in eve because providence allways provided with fights and many kills, got 900 kills in one month once, which is not bad for solo/small gang. Also at this point in eve, eve movies started to be a lot better than what they were before, so I tried to up my game, spent months on garmonation7 until I was happy with it, and it was very succesful. This is the year we formed Hydra reloaded.

In 2010, Providence was invaded by U'K + -A- and some others, this was horrible for us because it would mean we'd lose our favourite roaming ground, and we made a lot of friends in providence, we decided to join Sev3rance, one of the main alliances of providence at this time, and still is to this day. I started FCing gangs larger than 10 people at this point, and dominion had been deployed, Machariels were amazing, and completely unique due to their speed and damage projection, we used them very often, in the first month we did around 70b worth of damage to the invaders. They had too much though and ended up taking providence.

In the middle of 2010, Gobbins from PL, who had been in Hydra for the past 6 months, asked me about going for the alliance tournament 8 gold medal, I thought it was a good idea, and we went for it. We ended up coming second, and winning 1.2-1.4T worth of ships, not bad for first time considering our inexperience.

After the tournament, I made Garmonation 8, apart from AT IX, I feel this is my biggest achievement.

In 2011,Was in PL because I wanted to solo pvp more than FC gangs, so ended up joining PL to give my guys a chance to join proper gangs, Alliance tournament IX was announced though, this time I decided I'd give it our all so we left PL, more detail is here, but what isn't included was the fact that I completely utterly obsessed over this tournament, I brokered every deal, I theory crafted every setup, and every decision was my making, there was nights where I'd be up until 6 am theory crafting, in the end, it was worth it, our teams got first and second, prizes were worth around 2.5t, although we did mess up the final.

TL;DR - I've played eve a lot exclusively as a solo/small gang pvper for past 6 years, made a bunch of movies, done a bunch of forum trolling, came second in AT VIII, and first and second in AT IX

AI: What initially drew you to Eve?

G: I used to play a game called ogame, it was just a browser game, but it was a ranking based game, and I got addicted to it just because I wanted to be number 1, I eventually did get to rank 1, in Universe 21, I was known as CYMRU AS BYTB back then ( WALES FOR EVER) F YEA!!!!!!!!!! there was a tactic that requires a huge investment but enables you to attack targets within a 2 minute interval rather than the normal 2 hour interval, but it was against the rules to attack the same target over and over again, I accidentally attacked 10 targets too many times within a 24 hour period once. The game is extremely strict when it comes to rule breaking because it's very competitive. So I got banned, and while feeling a bit emo, I saw a random ad, I clicked on it, it was Eve, and I've been here ever since.

AI: Did you get into PvP immediately?

G: Not exactly, it took me a week or so, I started off mining, I was very proud of my self for making 3m/hour in my scythe while mining omber! But I then decided to try out pvp in low sec, I got a bunch of t1 rifters, lost them all but had a blast doing so. I do miss being a noob, the feeling of being lost, eve was an entirely different world for me, I've never experienced anything like it in any other game

AI: There are dozens of guides and articles and even classes to teach PvP, how did you learn?

G: I've actually never read any of those, I'm not aware of any good ones out there, I learned all of my pvping by doing, I've died countless times, and in the first couple of years, I always tried to learn as much as I could from every experience, watching pvp movies gave me some ideas at times too, inspired me to try different playstyles

AI: Do you feel PvP has become easier or more difficult to get into since you started playing?

G: Much more difficult I think, when I was new, there was a lot of other people that was new too to fight. These days, there's a lot more experienced people than there was back then, and in most cases I'd imagine a noob just to die without accomplishing anything, I think learning how to pvp these days revolve more about being part of a group and learning as much as you can from other players

AI: How would you advise a new player to go about learning?

G: I'd suggest reading the forums a lot, watch a lot of pvp movies, and dont worry about dying over and over again, aslong as you try to learn why when you die, you could try RVB, or eve university or one of the agony classes for the first few steps too, but being in the frame of mind that ends up with you doing a lot of research can go a long way too

AI: In your time playing what do you think has been the change most detrimental to PvP?

G: Most changes have been great, quantum rise was amazing, they nerfed nanohacs, made webs go from 90% strength to 60%~, and made warp scramblers deactivate MWD, without completely messing up the balance of the game, but I do think the super capital changes of dominion, and the sov changes, was pretty terrible, it was an expansion that would supposedly make living in 0.0 more attractive for small alliances, but it achieved the complete opposite. I don't really need to say much about how supercap changes have been bad for eve in general, but atleast CCP knows this and are working on them.

AI: What balancing (if any) do you think would improve the PvP environment that current mechanics have cultivated?

G: Caldari needs a complete overhaul, their damage projection needs to be signifcantly better than what they are now.

Drones needs to be looked at, there's been a lot of powercreep in the past few years and drones haven't really been looked at, at all, they're not as attractive as they were a few years ago

Obviously gallente has huge problems but it would be very hard to fix, the biggest problem is that the majority of their ships have to commit to a fight to deal any real damage, while ships of other races doesn't have to commit, TE change made gallente ships weaker overall I think, TE's only benefit a few gallente ships ( deimos, talos).

Supercapitals obviously need a change too, what direction CCP will take is still up in the air though.

Command ships obviously need a huge buff in some way, I'd probably just give them a similar buff as AF's got.

The tier system needs to be redone

I'd change aggro mechanics of RR, I don't think neutral RR should be viable in highsec

I think warfare links need a massive nerf, making them ongrid only is not enough, because this would only help the bigger guy, the bonuses links give should be small enough to justify using in a fleet, but not for 1 guy, so for example, my tengu links would modify my tank by 1.15x rather than the current 2.25x

Armor fits needs to be a lot more attractive, this is mainly due to how amazing the tracking enhancers are, and how slow they are, I'd either give a tracking computer boost, or reduce penalty of armor rigs, or maybe even nerf tracking enhancers.

Eafs finding a new role would be cool too, a new role for EAFs and to give antisupport ships a bigger role in fleets (lacking atm), making them more suited for medium and fleet sized fleets, through giving them the role to use a script for their selected ewar that enables the specified ewar to be used through an AOE format, pre-nerf this script to make them far less effective than single target ewar

The Eaf change I just suggested is a bit controversial and would be hard to implement though, so that's just a random idea

AI: So you don't feel that the capital changes in Crucible were enough?

G: No I don't, but I think sov related goals being purely EHP based is a big problem too, if it was different then the need for super caps wouldn't be as high

AI: What do you think is responsible for the current lackluster state of affairs in faction warfare?

G: FW doesn't offer any real goals

AI: Do you think it can be fixed?

G: Yea, why not, consider the Crucible expansion, with how amazing it is and the new goals that CCP seems to have, I wouldn't be surprised if FW got fixed in the future

AI: Many people have been suggesting that solo PvP is dead, what are your thoughts?

G: It's deffinately harder to get into more than before, but it's still very possible to do for the experienced player, without forcemultipliers (links, HG implants, and expensive fitting), you can still solo pvp through the medium of guerilla pvp, which revolves around splitting up the enemy gang and getting kills, you need have enough mobility and enough realistic damage projection for this though. But one thing for sure is that it's much harder than before to get into solo pvp than 6 years ago

AI: Do you really carry an Alliance Tournament gold medal in your cargo like your bio suggests?

G: No lol, I only mentioned the medal as a joke and might tempt some people to want to fight me

AI: Alright Garmon, thank you for taking the time to speak with me. Is there anything you'd like to add?

G: Not much to add really, other than I'm going to release Garmonation 9 in around 2 weeks I hope, it will be around 40 minutes long, 9 minutes of it is adrestia footage


Manxome NOXx
20 Nov 2012, 13:00
Rockon Garmon!
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