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Battleships: Caldari in Review

Verdict: Ugly, but usable.

Scorpion – Long Range ECM Support
Base Price: 71.5 Mil Isk
Slot Configuration: 6/8/4 – Turrets: 4 – Launchers: 4
Bonuses: 10% to ECM Strength, 20% to ECM Optimal Range
Max Velocity: 115 m/s – Drone Bay: 75m3

The infamous Scorpion, one of the most controversial ships in existence. Its utility in a gang is unquestioned, but does that make it superior possessing an extra fighting battleship? Looking like someone forgot to glue on her second wing, the Scorpion is Eve’s only Battleship-sized Electronic Warfare Platform.

First of all, the Scorp is a Jammer Boat pure and simple. Its main purpose in life is to go around messing up other people’s locks at ranges exceeding a hundred kilometers. To do this following Revelation 1’s ECM Nerf is a little tricky, depending on extensive pilot EW skills (such as signal dispersion level 4 at least). The highslots are largely irrelevant, though you can easily slap on four torpedo launchers or four cruise missiles and whatever Nosferatu you can fit for defensive use. The spacious 8 midslots are to be used for a heavy mix of at least five or six ECM Modules of varying types, preferably racial specific types for maximum efficiency. Lowslots must have at least two Signal Dispersion Amplifiers to allow for competent jamming, while the other two slots can be used to hold a very basic tank with a 1600mm plate and a Large Armor Repairer.

An alternate setup is the very bizarre ‘Scorpitank’. Instead of using her 8 midslots for electronics warfare, they become the world’s toughest shield tank. Holding 4 hardeners and invulnerability fields, two shield boost amplifiers, an XL Booster II and a Capacitor Injector, this ship would be designed to absorb hideous amounts of fire while pretending to be a vulnerable target.

Being the most specialized Battleship around, it’s tough to judge the real value of the Scorpion. She can potentially bring great utility to a gang or fleet, disabling tacklers to allow your own ships to warp out or disrupting enemy shooting to give your side the edge in firepower. In any case, the power of a scorpion’s weapons are just plain terrible. You may even do better fitting shield and armor transfers to support team mates.

Aries’ Fit: ‘Plays Well with Others’
High Slots: 4x Cruise Missile Launchers,
1x Heavy Nosferatu
Free Slot (Anything that Fits)

Med Slots: 1x Sensor Booster II
1x Heavy Electrochemical Cap booster
6x Racial Specific ECM, depending on the races you’ll expect. Use Hypnos or Tech 2.

Low Slots: 1x Large ‘Accomidation’ Armor Rep
1x 1600mm Rolled Tungsten Plate
2x ‘Hypnos’ or Tech 2 Signal Distortion Amp
Drones: 5x Warrior 2s, 5x Any Medium, or Energy Neut Drone

Strategy: This is no solopwnmobile, but it’s a reliable way to support a friendly gang and turn an even match to one your gang can win. Warp into a combat zone at 100km at first, and align for a celestial object. Immediately lock any enemy ship in sight capable of doing real damage, and assign jammers one at a time to them, racially specific. If a jam succeeds, don’t apply another to that ship until it’s 20 seconds of helplessness wears off.

Try to jam tacklers that are holding your own gang in place, and use the cruise missiles to offer fire support from a distance. They probably won’t make it in time, or an enemy can warp away, but that beats doing nothing. If an enemy tackler comes in close, warp out or blast them with the heavy Nosferatu and warp. You’re not designed to be able to take any damage at all, just warp back in later from a different direction and keep up the pressure. Use light drones against attacking Interceptors, and the Neut Drones versus any pesky speed-fit HAC that may try to run you down.

Raven – Gang Support Missile Platform
Base Price: 108.75 Mil Isk
Slot Configuration: 8/6/5 – Turrets: 4 – Launchers: 6
Bonuses: 5% Cruise and Torp Rate of Fire, 10% missile velocity
Max Velocity: 115 m/s – Drone Bay: 75m3

Although she is the most popular single Battleship in the Galaxy by far, the Raven is another ship loved by some, hated by others, and more or less considered the ugliest thing in space short of perhaps the equally disfigured Moa.

As a Battleship, she’s the only primary missile-throwing Warship out there, equally adept at slinging high speed, long-range cruise missiles or devastating Torpedoes. Some swear by this ship’s capabilities as a versatile PVP Damage dealer (just look at the Alliance Tournaments, or BURN EDEN’s antics with Ravens), while others criticize its low maximum DPS and only average tanking ability, as well as the slow travel time of missiles. However, nobody in the universe doubts the Raven’s reputation as the king of PVE and Ratting. It’s true, Ravens will clear any NPCs faster than any other ship in existence. Level 4s and Ratting are ridiculously simple even with a tech 1 fit raven, so we won’t worry about that here.

Ravens really need to operate in a gang. They don’t have enough free midslots for the most valuable PVP Mods that are vital to any solo ship, so the Raven makes a terrible solo ride. Rather, the gang Raven pilot must see what he is up against. If expecting lots of enemy battleships and battlecruisers, six torpedoes are best. If expecting cruisers or a long range engagement beyond 40km, Cruise Missiles are best. If adaptability is desired or it is uncertain what the enemy will bring, a mix of both will work as well. The last two highslots can be whatever else you can fit, preferably a pair of Heavy Nosferatu to counteract enemy nosing or disable pesky frigates.

Midslots should be used for full shield tank, unless you’re going for one of those much rarer and harder to fly Armor Tank + Dampening setups, which we’ll not get into. Those are very conditional and have a good chance of complete failure if not executed correctly. Mostly, the average Raven uses two invulnerability fields and one specific hardener for either EM or Thermal. Another slot goes to the XL Shield Booster II, and a shield Boost Amplifier. Most use the last for the always valuable Heavy Cap Injector.

Lowslots on a Raven, as with all Caldari ships are just gravy. There’s no reason not to fit three Ballistic Control Units in the lows. The rest are Power Diagnostic Units or Reactor Control units if you can’t fit it all, and most likely a CPU Upgrade. If possible, a damage control also is a decent choice. It all varies, and lowslots hardly make or break Caldari designs typically.

Whatever you do in exactly fitting your Raven, they all fly the same. Just stay out of point blank range, stay out of longrange, activate all your launchers and sit back while those missiles move out and automatically start hitting their targets. Fire and forget is awfully simple, really. The Raven is pretty much a fair ship, and should be treated as such. Not awful, not the greatest ship out there in the hands of most users.

Aries’s Fit: ‘The Ol’ Adaptable’
High Slots: 4x ‘Arbalest’ Torpedo Launcher
2x ‘Arbalest’ Cruise Missile Launcher
2x Medium Neutralizer (or Nos)

Med Slots: 1x XL Shield Booster II
1x Shield Boost Amplifier
2x Invulnerability Field II
1x Thermal or EM Active Hardener
1x Heavy Electrochemical Cap booster

Low slots: 3x Ballistic Control Unit II
1x Named Damage Control Unit
1x CPU Upgrade

Drones: See Scorpion.

Strategy: This is pretty much the most boring ship possible to fly in PVP. You hang around at the core of your gang, lock and fire upon any target that you see. Switch missiles should you think a target is very, very specifically tanked and watch your cap usage when under fire.

Medium (or if at all possible by your skills, a heavy) Nosferatu are excellent at swatting the capacitor of frigate-sized tacklers and enemies, while Neutralizers will deliver a punch capable of draining cruisers easily. Watch your consumption of capacitor charges, and outlast them while doing reliable missile-based damage. Just try not to let the enemy get too far, or too close.

Rokh – Multirole Railgun Sniper
Base Price: 165.0 Mil Isk
Slot Configuration: 8/6/5 – Turrets: 8 – Launchers: 4
Bonuses: 5% to Shield Resistances, 10% to Large Hybrid Optimal
Max Velocity: 110 m/s – Drone Bay: 50m3

Ooh. New. Shiny. Symmetrical. That’s right Caldari Pilots, this Symmetrical Battleship is your ticket to low-SP Sniping, Non-Gallente Blaster Shipping or an Amarr-style Nos-based Battleship. Meet the Rokh, possibly the heaviest tanked Battleship in the Galaxy. Although this ship was decried for being ‘gamebreaking’ by a lot of Sisi whiners before Revelations 1 was deployed, it’s since become a pretty average sight, hardly one of gamebreaking variety as well. If anything, most of its configs are pretty mediocre as well.

The ‘intended’ and ‘normal’ configuration of the Rokh is that of a Fleet Sniper, slinging Railgun ammo beyond 150km with ease. Fittings in this way are always 425mm Railguns, with sensor boosters and tracking computers in the midslots, combined with as many magnetic field stabilizers as possible. Don’t bother trying to fly this if you’re not able to get any ranges over 150km, a very respectable distance thanks to the already long reach of Railguns, plus the massive range bonus from the Rokh itself.

Another possible setup is based on Blasters. By using a shield tank, all of the lows are freed for magnetic field stabilizers and power diagnostic units. This setup also requires a webbifier, as any blaster ship that doesn’t pack a web is pointless. Though she does less damage than a Megathron or Hyperion, the Blaster Rokh maintains a good tank and has excellent range on her otherwise short range blasters, exceeding 28km in many cases. Additionally, the ample grid of the Rokh allows the easy fitting of the high powered Neutron Blasters without compromising other statistics.

Lastly, a wholly different Rokh is preferred by some pilots. Ignoring the hybrid range bonus altogether and fitting four Torpedo Launchers with Four Heavy Nosferatu, a shield tank, cap injector and possibly microwarp drive grants you a deadly assault ship in this age of capacitor warfare. By draining your enemy dry and maintaining your own shield from using up all that excess capacitor, you slowly batter the enemy down with your relatively low damage unbonused torpedos. When they run out of power though, that’s where the fun begins. Unable to repair or activate intensive modules, many another battleship will succumb soon after to this high-endurance weapon.

The incredible amounts of grid and versatile fitting possibilities make the Rokh a deadly battleship, a worthy addition to the Caldari lineup. Though she’s not outright the best ship in any category around (except being the only good Tech1 gun sniper), she can fill a lot of roles quite respectably while surviving through anything. A perfect compliment to the missile-slinging Raven and its ECM Supporting Scorpion.

Aries’ Fit: ‘Screw the Range Bonus’
High Slots: 4x ‘Arbalest’ Torpedo Launchers
4x Best available Heavy Nos

Mid Slots: 1x Quad LiF MWD
2x Invulerability Field II
1x Shield boost Amplifier II or Thermal/EM Resist
1x Warp Disruptor II (or another hardener, if in a big gang)
1x Heavy Electrochemical Cap Injector

Low Slots: 3x Ballistic Control Unit II
1x Named Damage Control
1x Reactor Control Unit

Drones: 5x Vespa EC-600 ECM Drones, or 5x Valkyrie IIs.

Strategy: This one’s a bit fun. Fly the ship like an oversized but heavily tanking Typhoon. Although you’d lack the Phoon’s speed or drone bay, the superb built-in tank of the Rokh makes it very reliable in most small gang situations.

Against Battleships alone, hit them with the Nos and torpedoes, orbiting at around maximum Nos range. Use the MWD sparingly to control the distance and drain their capacitor to nothing. Once they are unable to use a repairer or shield booster, the torpedoes will finish off the target. ECM Drones may further mitigate damage towards you by jamming them.

If you’re in a gang, offer Nosferatu support and keep yourself alive. Deploy ECM Drones on any tacklers you suspect may be going after the enemy’s primary target, and sap the smaller high-damage ships first (such as capacitor reliant HACs or Command Ships).


18 Apr 2010, 04:24
gosh, this is what i need... thank you very much!!! :hug
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