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Year 2

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Chain, chain, chain: Ratting and You.

So you’ve got a spiffy new battlecruiser or battleship and you’re off to kill some rats for fun and profit. So there you are, and you’ve found a reasonably decent spawn of a couple of battleships and three battlecruiser. Yippee kiyaa, you think to yourself, as you turn your guns on them and obliterate each and every single one. You’re a badass, right? A real, ship killin’, rat eliminatin’ badass, eh? No, no you’re not. You’re not a badass, you’re a dumbass.

Let’s go over the basics, Tex. First of all, there are two different types of belt spawns. The first type is any mix of ships that doesn’t include battleships. The second is any mix of battleships and other ships. Pretty simple, right? What you do with those two general categories is pretty simple as well. If a spawn doesn’t have any battleships, you kill them all. No, no questions, just eliminate them. Drones, by the way, will be very helpful for this as your ship should be fitted to kill battleships and your weapons won’ be particularly effective against frigates through cruisers.

Now, what to do if there are battleships in the spawn? Obviously, you should kill them. Sounds good, right? You get to kill stuff and make lots of cash and loot. But hold your horses. Once you kill the battleships, do not, under any circumstances eliminate the smaller ships.

Now, why is that, you might ask? Simple. If you eliminate the battleships while leaving the smaller ships, the battleships will respawn in approximately ten minutes. This is called “chaining” a spawn. If, however, you kill the little ships in addition to the battleships, you lose the entire spawn and a totally random spawn will replace it. That’s known as “farming” a belt, and that’s what you will do intentionally if you want the belt to reset and to have a chance to get a different spawn. As the maximum number of battleships in a spawn is three, if you get a spawn with one or two that’re of little value, you’ll probably want to farm it. By the way, you should always make sure that you’re aware of the range in battleship bounties. Obviously, a triple spawn of battleships worth 500k isn’t as useful to you as a double spawn of battleships worth 1.7 mil each.

Farming a belt by accident (for instance, if you let your drones run wild) sucks because you can wipe out a very profitable and stable spawn and get total crap as a reward. This also sucks because if anyone else is sharing the solar system with you, they’ll be unable to enjoy the battleships while you’re off on other belts.

Which brings me to a prime point of etiquette. Only a total schmuck attempts to “claim” a set of belts, let alone an entire solar system. I don’t care how fast you rat, there’s no possible way that you can cover more than a handful of belts before others that you haven’t touched have already respawned. Don’t be the little bratty three year old sitting in a corner hording his toys.

Do, on the other hand, be the guy who helps improve the entire system for ratting. Here’s how: talk with the other ratters in the system and work out a threshold value for the battleships. Battleships come in many different varieties and values. Once you and your fellow ratters decide on a minimum value for individual battleships in a spawn, farm any belts that don’t fit your plans and keep the rest. Working as a team, you and your partners will be able to farm belts faster and get many more quality spawns than you’d be able to do on your own.

Oh, and by the way, the security status of any system is rounded. Not all 0.0 systems are alike. The lower the sec status, the better the spawns. So make damn sure that you <a href=>check the truesec status</a> of any system you’re considering ratting in. The closer to -1 you get, the better the spawns you’ll get.

So, as always, fly safe.
And good hunting, Space Cowboys.


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