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Frigate vs. Battleship: Frigates FTW?

In our ever attempt to even the game mechanics and make EvE as realistic as possible, lets have a look at the Frigate vs. Battleship situation. In a 1 vs. 1, battleship head on with a frigate, where do the sensible bets go?

The obvious views are that battleships are the bigger ships, they should win right? Have you ever tried to swat a fly? Not that easy. Due to the size and speed of frigates, a standard PvP battleship would have trouble killing one, especially when we are looking at intys. With the transversal of an inty, your battleship can think again about hitting it. So, the battleship probably wouldnít be able to kill the inty, but how about the reverse, can the frigate kill the battleship? Letís look at a blastranis for an inty. Fitted with a do or die setup, with void ammo you could get about 250DPS and with null you could get 180DPS, antimatter 200DPS, depending on skills. Thatís plenty to kill a battleship, though it might take a while if the battleship is using a cap charge setup.

So, you canít swat that annoying fly thatís buzzing around your head, but it can kill you? Am I missing something here, Iíve never heard of anyone being killed by a flyÖ.

Letís have a look at how we CAN kill that frigate in our battleship, without moaning to CCP to get out there neuf baton. Say we fitted tech2 cruise missile launchers, a web and some target painters to our beast of a raven; yeah sure you could tear down that frigate easily. But who in there right mind would take there lovely raven and fit it with no tank, just so they could kill frigates?

Gangs: The general consensus is the more battleships the better. However, in a fleet fight, itís always as simple as whoever has the most battleships wins. With hard to hit recons and HACs, youíre going to want something with some anti support guns on. That leads to the question, do you have all battleships with some fitted for anti support, or do you bring a arsenal of other anti support ships, like AFs, HACs and battlecruisers, instead?

To conclude, are frigates overpowered? Should that pesky fly be able to kill you? As it is, we could all just go and PvP in intys and save cash on buying battleships.



08 Apr 2010, 14:57
Carry drones, some battleships can carry tons of small drones, whenever one gets to half sheild you recall the drone and launch another.
22 Oct 2013, 09:00
Yeah, if one looks at real life battleships they had large batteries of medium sized guns as well as Flack.

Would be hard to balance but maybe a couple of special slots that only fit small sized guns could be added?
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