Issue 12
Year 1

Tri 4.26 (-0.24%) Pye 9.13 (+0.55%) Mex 35.96 (+1.18%) Iso 88.44 (+1.09%) Noc 449.44 (+0.31%) Zyd 1,122.97 (+6.06%) Meg 1,591.88 (+6.45%) Mor 7,804.32 (+4.76%)
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Year 7:
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Year 6:
51 34 26 25 19 15 14af 12 11 10 Archive

Market Indicies


Zero to Hero: Electronic Warfare

Electronic Warfare, hmmm, sounds good, what is it?

Target Painters
"A targeting subsystem that projects an electronic "Tag" on the target thus making it easier to target and Hit."
Target Painters are very useful in gangs because they increase the signature radius of the enemy ship you have activated it on which makes it a lot easer to hit. Best use of this is against tech 2 frigates and other support ships.
There is no defence against Target Painters as there is no module that lowers your signature radius.
Target Painters are generally favoured by Minmatar.

"Reduces the maximum speed of a ship by employing micro energy streams which effectively entangle the target temporarily, thereby slowing it down."
Webifiers slow down enemy ships which lowers their transversal velocity and make the enemy harder to hit.
Defence: Afterburner, Micro Warp Drive and other Propulsion upgrades
Webifiers are generally favoured by Minmatar.

Warp Scramblers/Disrupters
"Disrupts the target ship's navigation computer which prevents it from warping."
Warp Scramblers and Disrupters are the most used EW mod because they stop your enemy from running away allowing you to kill your prey. Warp Scramblers are the 2 point short range mods whist Warp Disrupters are the 1 point long range mod.
Defence:Warp Core Stabilisers
Warp Scramblers/Disrupters are generally favoured by Gallente.

"Drains energy from the target ship and adds it to your own."
These mods serve a dual purpose; they drain your enemies capacitor and boost your owns. However, they do not drain as much capacitor as Energy Destabilizers do. Comes in three different sizes: Small, Medium and Heavy.
Defence: Capacitor Upgrades
Nosferatu are generally favoured by Amarr.

Energy Destabilizers
"Neutralizes a portion of the energy in the target ship's capacitor."
Energy Destabilizers eliminates your enemy’s capacitor.
Defence: Capacitor Upgrades
Energy Destabilizers are generally favoured by Amarr.

"Projects random bursts of gravitons that disrupt accurate targeting."
There has been lots of debate over ECM recently due to it working on ‘chance’. If the jamming cycle succeeds then the target will not be able to lock anything for that cycle.
Defence: ECCM
ECM are generally favoured by Caldari.

Tracking Disrupters
"Disrupts the turret range and tracking speed of the target ship."
Tracking Disruptors disrupts gun systems making it hard for them to hit you. Useless against missiles.
Defence: Tracking Enhancers

Tracking Disrupters are generally favoured by Amarr.

Remote Sensor Dampeners
"Reduces the range and speed of a targeted ship's sensors."
Remote Sensor Dampeners are a more reliable, less effective form of ECM. Makes it take long for your enemy to lock you, and immobilises snipers.
Defence: Sensor Boosters
Remote Sensor Dampeners are generally favoured by Gallente.

Recon class ships have heavy boni to their racial EW and are designed to use them to the best of their ability.



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